Pepsi to the vet – just a quick checkup

No major drama but Pepsi is out of tablets so we needed to take him to the vet this am for a checkup before they would allow us to buy more 🙂

He has (as expected) a clean bill of health and we have a large box of drug number 1 with the easy flex chews on order to collect on Monday.  Elliot and Oliver went down to Palmer and Duncan with daddy to take Pepsi, although neither of them wanted to particularly.  Elliot seemed to think that Pepsi was going to have his legs removed (??!!??) and Oliver was somewhat concerned over the other dogs in the waiting room.  Then he spied a cat – that changed everything for him and the trip was worthwhile it seems.

Elliot was not too happy with the smells in the place and didn’t seem to understand that there are lots of animals in the vet, so naturally there are smells lingering around from them all.

Mummy is working from home today, so the boys are all going to head out somewhere to get out of the way and leave the house a little quieter 🙂

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