When Mummy is at work, the boys will play….

Mummy started her month of contract work today, so was up and out of the house shortly after 7am 🙁  All after a crap night sleep as well – firstly with the worry of the alarm going off (come on – we’ve all been there with that one) and secondly with Olly waking up 🙁

So, the boys did a little shopping and a lot of playing…  We head out to get some dog food for Pepsi and get an appointment for him so that he can have more of his tablets etc.  Then on to B&Q to get some wood to build a frame to fit Olly’s train set to the wall in the garage.  Finally, we went to the boys favourite shop – Toys R US – to spend some of their CHristmas cash 🙂

Elliot bought some (surprise, surprise) Star Wars LEGO and Olly got some Cars colour changers – fun with water 🙁

Daddy fitted Olly’s Train set to the wall in the garage so that it hinges up to the wall when out of use and down, with legs that automatically pop out to support it when he wants to use it.  Hopefully it will be usable out there and not too cold – the board is just too big to leave lying in the dining room or conservatory and is thus getting damaged unnecessarily 🙁  This solution should be more permanent and keeps it safely out of the way when not in use 🙂


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