Last post of 2012 – day out in Bridlington yesterday

This is to be the last post of 2012 – my how the year has FLOWN by…

Yesterday, we nipped over to Bridlington to spend the day with Cayton, Paula and Richard.  Thankfully Oliver was feeling quite a bit better (although still needed Calpol etc to keep him going) so we decided that it was going to be a trip that we could make.  We spend an hour or so on the beach in the rain and wind – it was most definitely cold, but the boys really enjoyed it – shame daddy didn’t enjoy it so much and wittered on about sand in his car… 🙁

SAM_7120SAM_7127We then head over to an indoor play centre right next door to the John Bull Rock factory – shame there were no tours going on – would have loved to have done that – daddy did one 30 or so years ago and every time we pass the place (on the way into Bridlington from York) he tells us all about it – dull really 🙁

Then over to the fish and chip shop for tea (when in Rome….) before an hour or so back at their place prior to heading back over to Ossett.

A great day out all in all, ended with Olly screaming in the car for the last 5 to 10 minutes as he awoke by his movement sensor (car stopped at the motorway roundabout at the Ossett / Wakefield junction).  Mummy then had to struggle to get him ready for and then into bed…


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