Poorly Olly, poorly Daddy

Poor Olly had a harsh night last night with around 24 hours of 39C + fever ending in his lying in bed in just his underpants to stay cool.  Thankfully the Calpol and Ibruprofen seem to have finally managed to get a hold of the temperature for him (although it took until 9am this morning (from yesterday morning) to do so 🙁  However, he got the sweats as he lay in bed last night and had soaked mummy’s side of the bed nicely for her 🙁

Daddy has also picked up a cold from somewhere and had a sub-optimal night, however feels a lot better today and is looking forward to spending the day in the house in tracksuits with the boys 🙂  Elly is on top form and wants to fight – he seems to just want to do lots of battles at the moment – hence he loved it in Halifax as he was able to go into battle with Uncle Dan.

We are bitterly disappointed that we were unable to stay at Great Grandma’s last night, but it was unquestionably the right decision to bring him home late last night.  We are just debating on whether to take him to the walk in centre this afternoon, or wait until later on / tomorrow morning.  Gut feel suggests that they would think we were wasting their time given it has only been 36 hours and is now under control, but we feel that we need his notes to have listed that we visited given his history….


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