Frog jumped and scared mummy in the garden

Tonight the boys asked if they could play out in the garden after school, so once they got changed out of their school uniform, they popped on some wellies (is still wet and quite muddy in the garden) and went out to play.

15 or 20 minutes later when mummy nipped out to bring them in for dinner, she found that in the short time frame they had managed to create a large mess out there.  So, while she was tidying up the outdoor toys she moved some cars and a large frog jumped out at her, causing a little muted scream 🙂  Elliot was quite pleased (not because of the scaring incident) but because he had never seen a live frog before – only on the TV or toy frogs.

The boys are BOTH very tired tonight however so were both ready and in bed by 7pm.  Hopefully they will get a full 12 hours sleep and be ready to take on Wednesday in the morning.

We have run a new route for the school run in the morning by taking Oliver to Sunnyhill first and dropping him in the pre-school club and THEN heading up to Silcoates to drop Elliot off.  It means that we don’t have Oliver running amuck while we are waiting to leave Elliot and means that we can actually be back at home well before 9am.  Two days in and it is still working particularly well, so maybe this will be a permanent change to the route.


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