It’s Friday already ….

Incredible how quickly the weeks are slipping by.

We were reminded by the radio earlier in the week tag the are now less than 100 days from Christmas – good job we started with the Christmas shopping last Sunday then 🙂

Poor Olly was tired today – he was up at 5am bright and perky – then has been swimming at school after lunch, so fell asleep in the car on the way home – it’s less than 4 miles !!!

To top it all, the poor monkey rolled over and fell off the couch and woke with a bit of a shock. So we let him sleep for an hour in our bed, thus when 8pm came around, he had no desire for further sleep.

We have another birthday party this weekend – it is Gracie Box’s sledging party at Xscape in Castleford – not sure about the boys, but Daddy is looking forward to the sun in the snow 🙂

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