Sledging fun

We all went to Xscape in Castleford this afternoon and the boys all went into the snow area sledging for Gracie’s birthday party.

We all got kitted out and ventured in and wandered up the slope. Olly just wanted to GO so he just set off, Daddy chased after and so Elly was in tears at the top of the slope :-(. Once we all got the the bottom, that little issue was quickly cleared up and we were off – all having a great time – Elly soon got over being worried about daddy leaving him at the top of the slope and soon became the little smart alec who raced off first to ensure that he ‘won’ the race. 🙂

Here are the only two photos daddy managed to get during the action – apologies for the lack of quality 🙁

We were all doing great for about 40 minutes until poor Olly fell off his sled at the bottom of the slope and fell forward – a face full of the cold stuff. He was NOT a happy bunny :-(. So, given daddy went in on his own with both boys, it was a case of either Elly stayed and played with his friends or he came out with Olly and daddy – Olly wanted out – he was cold and wet and very unhappy. So, Elly begrudgingly decided to come out as well.

We will have to go and do that again sometime as the boys LOVED it – except the face dive of course 🙂

Then daddy, reversed mummy’s car into the fence at home :-(. as we reversed onto the driveway, Mummy pointed out a potential issue with daddy’s car, daddy foolishly looked for said problem and boom…. :-(. Thankfully the scratches have all polished out but the is still a small dent on the drivers side rear wing that will most likely need professional help to pop out – but it should pop out OK from what we can tell. Given that Emily (daddy’s new car) has a small dent on the roof that needs removing, then we can get both done at the same time 🙂

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