“I think I need an alarm clock to get up for school”

Elliot came down from bed this morning and that was one of the first things Elliot said to daddy. No really sure whe it came from but it sounded like a great idea since we had real problems in getting him up all of last year on school days. It transpires that it was an idea that he got from SpongeBob Square Pants – so maybe we change our mind re: SpongeBob – maybe it is educational after all….
Anyway, he selected an alarm clock – a Lego Starwars Stormtrooper – no surprise to many reading this. It is a foot tall Lego character that has flexible legs just like a ‘proper’ Lego figure. He is really rather pleased with it and Olly has decided that he needs one as well – difference being that Olly has no idea what it is 🙂 Just knows he wants one 🙂 Elliot’s is set for 7am for waking time – let’s see how we get on tomorrow.
Tomorrow is first day back at school for BOTH boys – they are somewhat looking forward to it.
Mummy has been stressing most of the day about getting their kit all ready – they have three sports kits each with their own different bag !!! well, Elliot has three, Oliver just two.
New bedtimes have now been set as 7pm for Oliver and 7:30pm for Elliot. We think Oliver may really need this as he is n for school 5 days a week from tomorrow – gulp

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