The boys are away for the weekend…

…so the parents will play 🙂

We dropped the boys off at Grannie Cuckoo’s yesterday afternoon as we had a night out with the other parents from Elliot’s previous class. They seemed oblivious to the fact that we were leaving them behind as they got their gear together to go out to see great grandma.

We went down to the Capri in Horbury Bridge for the meal – it has really changed since we were last in there – perhaps a little crammed but the general feel of the place was great and the food was pretty spot on too. The company was great as well – we had a great time and typically were last to leave at around 12:30am.

Pleasantly we did not have any evidence of hangovers this morning so got ready and went out on the bikes head down to the canal and then South towards Horbury Bridge and on towards Wakefield. We then jumped on the Denby Dale Road and took on the loooonnnnngg ride up to the roundabout by West Bretton. then right to Midgley and down through Netherton, UP Storrs Hill and home. All told, approx 20k journey and all was good excepting the rain that hit us from Midgley on.

Interestingly, the cycling has not immediately affected Simon’s right knee that has been troublesome for the last month or so. He thinks running may be a bad idea, but cycling seemed to work out OK.

Tonight we are heading out again, this time to Wakefield with Kerrie and Spencer to the Cow Shed. suspect that there will be significantly less alcohol involved tonight 🙂

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