Overnight rain

We had a LOT of rain overnight last night, although we did not get the hailstorm like the one back in Ossett !!!

While it has rained today. it has mainly been OK, so we nipped out to Kendal and have bought the boys new school shoes – Elly is now a 13G and Olly an 8G (if you understand kids shoe sizes).

We went into the big play centre on the Glebe in Bowness (where they used to (well, still do it seems) sell lots of Bayliner boats) for a couple of hours and then back to the lodge for a couple of hours outside.  The boys are LOVING playing outside of the lodge – they simply do not want to come in to go to bed however.  Oh, AND they are eating like horses right now as well – seems like the Windermere hunger is kicking them like it kicks us adults 🙂

Hoping to get to Ducky’s Park Farm tomorrow – let’s just hope we can get up and ut early enough…

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