Fantastic afternoon at Sundown Adventureland

We decided to head out to the Sundown Adventureland yesterday morning, so we got the boys some fast food from their favourite golden arches outlet and set off. They ate in the car to maximise time πŸ™‚

We arrived at around 13:30 so had about 4 hours at our disposal.

The weather was just right for the trip as it was lovely and warm with no rain – that’s right, we managed to avoid the rain for a day!!!!

The boys had a fantastic time playing in the various huge sandpits and enjoying the rides that they had. The only disappointment on the day was that the new part of the park (Angry Birds) was not yet complete although we did not know of its existence at all until we arrived. a great excuse to go back later in the year maybe πŸ™‚

The indoor play centre that they were building on our last trip there was complete so the boys played for 30 minutes in there – a nice jungle and monkey theme makes for a fun setup, and the mega slides were a real hit for the boys.

Surprisingly the river tub ride was a real hit – surprising because there are multiple places where we all got squirted with water – they both loved it – Olly wanted a second go although by the time we got round for a second go, they were closing for the day πŸ™

We are planning more such trips out with the boys over the summer and we must remember to post a postcard to school each time – we forgot on our first outing πŸ™

Next stop…. ThomasLand at the Drayton manor Park on Tuesday next week – have actually saved over 50UKP by booking one week in advance online….

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