P.T. Day 4 …

Another day with Oliver not wanting us to advise him when he needs to make use of the facilities.  We have observed a couple of small accidents where he has simply got wrapped up in whatever it is that he is currently doing, and hence ‘forgets’ to use the facilities.  At least he is now realising that he is getting wet etc, and subsequently makes his way to the potty.  He is sadly still frightened of the toilets in the house – remember daddy trapped his leg between the seat and porcelain at the weekend 🙁

He managed a #2 in the potty again today – unprompted – he was SO pleased with himself 😀

We clearly just have to fight through the week and break the pattern for him.  Just not looking forward to Saturday – potty training while at a Wedding – oh the joys of it….

We will succeed 🙂

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