P.T. day 2

Yesterday went slightly less well than Monday where we had two wet pants situations in relatively quick succession :-(. We thought that we could relax on the hourly alarm to remind us to pop him on the potty – to allow him to decide when he needed to go. Erm, that will be a no then…. 🙁

We quickly returned to hourly potty visit requests. this stopped the wet pants situations pretty quickly but does not feel like we are making progress. Oh well, we must continue along this course.

We have also initiated a reward system for each successful visit – we will see if this works today as we are now into day 3.

In unrelated news, we are trying to get ready to go swimming – we await to get swimming at least twice a week to get both boys in good shape before school starts again in September – we bought the bands that the school use so that they are settling in with the same equipment :-). come on mummy, hurry up….

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