St Hilda’s Summer Celebration

Today was the day for the Summer Celebration Service in the St Hilda’s Chapel for the foundation, reception and forms 1 and 2 children.  It started at 14:00 and lasted approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.  It was kind of like a Bradford Grammar School Speech Day, with the children singing some wonderful songs and then receiving their awards from their teachers.

Mrs Grunwell was the host and she delivered a wonderful event that we are so very pleased that we were able to be a part of.  Mr Boyer also delivered a heartfelt delivery of thanks to the teachers, teaching assistants and the rest of the staff at St Hilda’s – one employee (Lynn) has worked at St Hilda’s for over 30 years !!!

Also in attendance (and having delivered her own speech) was the Silcoates Head Girl who has just completed her A-Levels (now ready to take on Newcastle University for a Dentistry degree) and who started her Silcoates career within St Hilda’s some 14 years ago.

All the children offered what they will always remember about St Hilda’s – all of which were heartfelt and personal, but some were just hilarious – such as when the Police came to talk to the class, feeling like they were going to be arrested or offering undying love for Mrs Forge 🙂  Elliot remembered playing with LEGO with his friends 🙂

Tomorrow is the school Filey trip so we are hoping and praying for sunshine 🙂

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