Day 6 – Animal Kingdom

EARLY start this morning in readiness for a big day in the kingdom of the animal 🙂 We got the 8am bus from the hotel direct to the park and the kids ate their breakfast en-route. So we had to wait for 30 minutes before hey would open the park … 🙁

We have enjoyed a great day in the park where Simon is finding that he needs to eat his words regarding the ridemax software that Jason was heavily recommending last week. Today,cthe evidence was all there – we have not waited more than 5 or 6 minutes for a single ride and we have ridden every worthy ride in the park – I actually think we went n every ride in the park !!!

Highlights for the day include:

Nemo – very impressive and well put together show – highly recommended
It’s a Bugs Life – for scaring the crap out of BOTH of our kids in no time at all 🙂
Kilimanjaro Safari – just a great all rounder
Mount Everest – a simply fantastic roller coaster

We finished in the park at approx 17:45 so it was definitely a long day today.

Tomorrow is Epcot – we weren’t going to bother with Epcot due to being unimpressed in previous visits but given the group we are with and the ridemax setup, we are going to have another fun day tomorrow. We will however hold off an hour and get the 9am bus tomorrow though – think the kids REALLY need the sleep and we will still be inside the park before 9:30 🙂

This has been the best day thus far – let’s see how tomorrow and Thursday pan out…

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