Day 5 – rest day…

Having been into Magic Kingdom for the last couple of days, we decided that today would be a rest day of sorts and that we would probably head to a water park or something.

We needed to return a couple of items that we bought last week so we head out to the mall after breakfast with the Folks, and given that we had uttered the words water and park in the same sentence, the rain clouds came over and it looked like rain for a couple of hours.

So, we enjoyed a burger in a drive in Sonic burger restaurant and then came back to the room for the boys to sleep – Elly had a mini meltdown in the car due to sheer tiredness – hence the plan for sleep. Olly got almost 3 hours this afternoon and Elly almost 2 🙂 Let’s just hope that sleep comes forth tonight also… :-s

Animal Kingdom is the name of the game tomorrow so hopefully we will all be properly rested for a bright and early kick off 🙂

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