Day 1 – shopping fun

This being the first day of the vacation, we decided to nip out and get some essential shopping done – water, drinks, drinks cups,circuit and general snacks for the week.

So, following a nutritious breakfast at Denny’s we head out to target just a little north of Orlando itself – located handily next door to the Mall at Milenia 🙂

We had literally only just arrived and had picked out the fruit that we needed. the boys were playing up as they just wanted to go in search of the toys that they knew were in existence in this particular store. Poor Olly however, had a different urge and need that he could not hold back any longer…. The poor mite stood just next to the raspberries and strawberries, having delivered a small raspberry of his very own that ended up with him in a bit of pain and lots of gooey brown stuff in his shoes and down his legs… :-(. Simon picked him up, held him sideways (so as to prevent any more from seeping out) and took him straight to the toilets which were thankfully not far away. The clean up operation commenced although ended up in his getting a brand new pair of shorts from Target and new shoes later in the day – the faucets and paper towels together with the hand soap in the labs were not getting the, clean sadly. Poor Olly seemed ever so embarrassed by his little accident and Elliot was quick to blame too much chocolate on the unfortunate incident.

Anyway, mummy and Grandma spent a couple of hours in Nordstrom rack while daddy, granddad and the boys head into the Mall to do some electronics shopping :-). A little later Simon turned up with a shiny new Apple IPad (not called the iPad 3 even though that is what it is).

We managed to get to wander around the premium outlet mall down by the hotel and then went to Chuck E Cheese’s to play for a while, and finished off with dinner at a small pizza place on International drive.

Hopefully the boys will get a good night sleep tonight as tomorrow we are heading out to Busch Gardens over in Tampa 🙂

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