Olly’s blood tests…

Yesterday we returned to the doctor surgery to see the nurse with Olly.  They wanted to see if she was going to be comfortable taking blood from him for testing.  If not, then we would need to go to Pinderfields for the task to be completed.  After a brief consultation is transpired that we were good to go and that we should book a 20 minute slot to give her time to do the deed.  Out we went to reception to arrange a new appointment to do it – yes, it was not going to be done there and then 🙁  The receptionist kindly offered a suitable appointment in …. wait for it…. 2 and a half weeks…. 🙁 WHAT? But he the doctor needs the blood testing now given that Olly is experiencing the issues now – who knows what state he will be in in 2 and a half weeks, but we can almost guarantee that there will be no fever at that time….

After a little bartering, we got back in at 2pm the same day – result 🙂  So armed with the numbing gel that we needed to apply 30 minutes prior to the appointment, we set out to rearrange our appointment that was already set at 2pm with the solicitor.  The wills etc would have to wait.

We returned at 2pm and the nurse managed to get a reasonable amount of blood although   she did state that he would probably end up with a nasty little bruise on this arm.  She hoped that there was enough blood collected to be able to perform all of the tests.  We have a telephone appointment set for next Thursday to hear the results from the blood tests, so let’s hope that something becomes clear that will help us move forwards with the fever issues.

We een managed to get to the solicitor before she left for the day, so we have finally got our wills sorted out.

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