Let it snow !

Looking at the iPhone Weather forecast app earlier today, it stated clearly that there was a 100% chance of snow between 18:00 and 20:00. 100% !!! really?

So the snow actually began at 12:00 and stopped around 14:00 here in Ossett, and was a somewhat weak effort in all honesty.  However, it is having another go, and to keep all in balance it began again at just before 18:00 and now at 19:48 we have a significant amount of snow in place 🙂

We think that there was as much as 1/4 to 1/2 inch more snow on the ground when we got home some 30 minutes ago compared to when we set off from Green Lea on foot some 40 minutes earlier – wowzers…

We have enjoyed a relaxing day at Grandma’s swimming and generally relaxing 🙂  The boys have had a great time and are definitely going to get a nice sleep tonight 🙂 Olly fell asleep within 5 minutes on the walk home (in the stroller) so mummy expertly transferred him into his PJ’s and then into bed – he is soundly asleep in his Thomas bed 🙂  Elly is enjoying his Cocoa and will be heading to slumberland himself in 10 minutes or less 🙂

Tomorrow looks to be a day of snowmen and snowballs 😀


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