Day 10 – end of play photos…

So, we are at the end of week 2 and perhaps as anticipated, we are not quite there – although we are close.

The kitchen now has all of the surfaces in place and most of the cupboard doors are on and have handles etc.  The sink and macerator is in and the sink is in the utility, but the tap was faulty so we are awaiting a replacement.  There is still the tiling to do in here as well.  We think that there is another 5 days of work to go int completing all items.

The house bathroom only requires a shower screen fitting – otherwise is complete 🙂 Looks awesome

The ground floor toilet has been floored and tiled (just a few additional border sparkle tiles to go – then they can all be grouted and the fitments put in place.

The team have been very busy and are doing a great job.


Day 10 - Kitchen #1

Day 10 - Kitchen #2


Day 10 - Utility Room

House Bathroom:

Day 10 - House Bathroom #1

Day 10 - House Bathroom #2

Ground Floor Toilet:

Day 10 - Ground Floor Toilet

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