Bedroom painted and carpets ordered… Olly poorly again :-(

We have completed the painting including gloss work in the master bedroom although it is drying overnight.  We have also had the carpet requirements measured up and have ordered the carpeting – hopefully it will be fitted within the week.  Then the bed that we ordered on Monday can then be delivered and put in place, making it a room that we can sleep in once again.  Elliot will be very pleased to have us out of his room – last night all four of us were in there sleeping given that Olly was under yet another of his now infamous temperature issues 🙁  It started yesterday at 1pm…

We arranged to take Olly to the doctors this morning although typically by the time we got there the drugs had done their job nicely meaning that he was on top form and demonstrated no issues whatsoever.  However, we did learn from the investigation that it is indeed his tonsils again.  So that is the third time in under three weeks.  We also learned that the medical folks prefer to not take them (the tonsils) out nowadays, unlike when Simon and Tim were younger where they ripped them out a little more readily.  That said, when pressed, the doctor did suggest that if 6 incidences of tonsillitis occur in a 12 month period, ten they do tend to seriously consider their removal.  When Simon pointed out that we were well on track, with 3 diagnosis’ in just over 3 weeks, the doctor did somewhat go quiet.  We went in well prepared with a list of each and every incident since 2009 🙂

The cold weather from the weekend seems to have been held away for the last couple of days as we are enjoying 8 to 10 degrees Celsius as opposed to -4 to -5 Celsius that we (ahem) enjoyed at the weekend.

The fitbit that Simon purchased last week is pushing him quite well, so much that Simon actually walked down to the shop and took a very long way home to get his daily steps up above his target 🙂  Apparently the device is something that we all should have – the question is when should the user get involved in all the other crap that can be integrated into it? 😉

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