Tina in for warranty work…

Simon took Tina into JCT600 Aston Martin in Leeds yesterday as her heated seats are not working properly. Simon being Simon just wants the car right – he doesn’t have much intention of using the car when the seat heaters are actually required. Plus there is a warranty on the car, so best make use of it to repair the seats in fairness.

Simon got a call later on in the day yesterday to find that the near side shock absorber at the front is leaking so they are proposing to fix / replace it accordingly. The passenger seat heater is working properly apparently although the heater element is broken on the drives side – hence will be replaced. On top of this, she needs new brake pads at the rear at a small cost of just over £400 (gulp) showing how Aston Martin ownership is going to work out :-(.

Today, another call from the dealership to advise that the warranty company are sending an assessor out to the dealership given that the claim is greater than £1000. It is looking unlikely that the car will be back before the weekend sadly.

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