Christingle concert at school

We found out this morning that today is the day for the school Christingle concert in the school chapel. We therefore cut our Christmas shopping trip in Leeds short so that we could make it back to watch it.

The children really delivered a great performance with carols sung by each of the classes individually as well as as a whole school group. There was even a piano recital and a group played jingle bells on the recorder. The latter two items were for the second class (the oldest in the school at 7 years).

Having never heard of Christingle before, it was really nice to see the children parading into the chapel one by one with their own Christingle orange decorated with the red ribbon, sweets and candle. The smaller children (Elliot’s class and below) did not have a real candle with a flame, instead their Christingles had a small luminous stick to represent the candle 🙂

Elly was definitely not expecting to see us, and of course went all shy when he saw us. He did seem to participate throughout the concert however singing away and clapping etc along wth his friends.

Unfortunately Olly was not involved in the event this year but will be included next year so they will both be in it 🙂

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