Stepping on up

We chose not to buy side steps for Bruce when we bought him a month or two ago as the cost just felt too prohibitive – £800 PLUS fitting. Typically though, as we have seen many Sports as we have been plodding around, we see that the steps really set the car off well, and actually Elliot would benefit from them as he really struggles to get in easily 🙁

A quick trip around google helped us locate some steps online for £300 delivered to the door and self fitting would be the order of the day. well yesterday was fitting day, and Uncle Tim kindly offered to help as his bike ride fell through due to a tanker load of Marmite being deposited on the M1 motorway, closing it for several hours. Thinking it would be a two hour job we set off at 11am, having already been down to halfords to buy a tool to help remove the Tim from underneath the doors etc. It ended up taking nearer to four hours and as a result we ended up finishing the job in the dark AND in the rain 🙁

The steps do look stunning however,can’t we’re more than worth the cost differential. What do you think?

Vicky is in school today baking with Elliot’s class – funny though as the school have had to do all sorts of police checks on her to make sure that she is suitable to work with the children 🙂

Tomorrow is the big day for Elliot – Ralph the Reindeer 🙂 10am

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