The run up to Ralph the Reindeer

This Thursday we are going to St Hilda’s to watch Elliot’s school concert – Ralph the Reindeer.  Elliot has been singing the songs and practicing his lines over the last few weeks, and seem genuinely excited about it.  When we collect him tonight from school he will have had his face painted as part of a dry run today 🙂 We’ll see how well he has taken to the face painting aspects…

This last weekend Simon and Tim went out for a meal and drinks with the Gleddings crew in Halifax – was very nice to catchup again (for Simon) and meet for the first time for Tim.  We went to the Design House which is in the Dean Clough area of the town near the North Bridge Leisure Centre – there would certainly not be any passing traffic, so the patrons need to know that it exists.  It was a good meal at the right price, and we had a lot of fun chatting with old friends.  Guess we’ll see if Tim goes next year – will tell whether he really enjoyed it 🙂

Olly woke up this morning feeling rather ill following waking in the night with a fever 🙁  So we watched the Polar Express in 3D – the best 3D movie we have seen yet – will have to watch it with Elliot this weekend 🙂

A fun day yesterday with Rich, Clare, Ben and Alex – we finished up by heading out to the Hollywood Bowl on Kirkstall Road in Leeds 🙂 The boys sort of had fun  both V tired – big sleeps required this week 🙂

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