To extend or not…

We have been thinking of extending the house here at ForkHall to give access to a further garage as well as a bike locker and an office for Simon out behind the current garages.

At the same time we will be wishing to replace the existing driveway as the existing one is pretty tired.

Vicky had a thought today that makes a lot more sense in may ways – forget the extension, replace the entire driveway and put a new outbuilding made of wood that can be used for bike (and other) storage as well as a potential outdoor office.

This may make significantly more sense as the house will not be oversized and the driveway could easily be the fancy concrete setup all the way around the house as is, and hence will not be wasted.

This will also be significantly more cost effective and will still hit the same objectives – well with the exception of the additional garage of course…

We are seriously considering this option – it will save us 50K UKP and will still smarten the front of the house up.  We can then use said saved funds for a new kitchen etc 🙂

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