Range Rover @ home – AND SCHOOL SORTED :-)

We have been in and out of challenges with schools for Elliot, and have finally settled on St Hildas school in Horbury – a feeder school for Silcoates in Wakefield.  We went yesterday with Elliot for a Silcoates specialist to watch how Eliot interacted both with just us and then with the other children – so he stayed for a few hours yesterday.  He seemed to really enjoy it, although he got a little stressed in the playground apparently since ALL the children wanted to be his friend.  Today was his first full day (again as part of the whether the school can cope with his needs (and hence if they can accept him) and as we picked him up tonight as school finished (3:30pm) he was clearly happy in himself, the teachers all delivered glowing reports and he is IN 🙂

We are over the moon as he seems to have settled quite well even though it just 2 short days… Last night he was telling us all about his skeleton and how it was inside his skin and in his tummy 🙂 WOW !!!

We have been advised that we will not automatically get a place in the senior school so we have to just sit and wait to see how he develops within the infant and junior schools.  No major drama 🙂 Kind of thought there would be some form of entrance examination in any case 🙂

So, we also have an appointment next week (Wednesday) to see the nursery section as we are seriously considering 2 full days a week for Olly as well – he REALLY did not want to come away with us when we left Elliot on both days and when asked if he wants to go to school, his response is “YES, YES, YES !!!” 🙂

During this same appointment we will be passing cheques for our VERY FIRST school fees – yikes ….

We also collected Vicky’s new wheels today – check out the piccies…

V8 MonsterWhat a sensational colour 🙂

As you might be able to tell from the bottom photo, Vicky was very keen to get the keys – waiting patiently by the door of the dealership 🙂

We have also bought a new number plate for THE BEAST – VAR 72.  This has not yet arrived, so we will transfer this onto the car as soon as we get the V5 document from the DVLA in a few weeks.

VAR 625 will go onto the Porsche next week hopefully and V12 UST wlll be going on the Aston shortly after we take delivery.


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