RV Trip – Day 3 – Malibu to Oceanside

Wow – what a way to wake – beautiful view of the Pacific ocean straight out of the window – when we get the photo’s updated later you will see said view…

We (Tim and Simon) watched the sun rise this morning and hope to see it set in San Diego.

The sun is definitely here today – wowsers it is H.O.T. !!! Definitely as warm as Los Gatos afterall 🙂

We set off from the Malibu Beach Campsite in the general direction South aiming to spend a little time on Malibu Beach itself.  We were unable to find parking facilities for Malibu beach, although we also sadly confirmed our belief from March 2010 of Malibu being a place that was actually pretty worthless as a visitor goes.   So we head further south and stopped on the roadside next to Topanga Beach – we played here for about 30 minutes.

The ocean was a little strong for the boys to play in safely in honesty so we got back in the RV and continued south.  We ended up stopping at Target for supplies and found a Fresh and Easy (Tesco owned store in the US) so picked up some British style back bacon and Heinz baked beans for breakfast tomorrow morning. We then pushed on to Huntington Beach where we rented a cool 6 seater bicycle (plus two kids seats up front) so that we could ride up along the beach front, before playing in the sand for an hour or so.

We then head on down to Paradise on the Sea RV park in Oceanside (just 40 miles North of San Diego, but close to LegoLand).  This park is not quite as nice as Malibu Beach park, but that is mainly down to the fact that the view is none existent.  Sadly the fresh water connection here is unavailable – well it is available but we have chosen not to use it – the tap had a load of rust in it and we did not fancy it being in our drinking water supply 🙁  On the plus, the restroom and shower facilities are WAY better so showering may well take place there instead of the RV for water conservation purposes 🙂

Lego Land is calling tomorrow – the question is, the water park or std legoland?

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