20 years on…

Today is a big day for us all – it has been 20 years since Dad passed on.

Sometimes it feels like just yesterday and others it does feel like 20 long years have passed.  Either way, he has gone but never forgotten – we see little pieces every single day here in California, whether it be through Simon “switching off” and not listening to Vicky’s requests (yes, Vicky does get somewhat infuriated by this), or Elliot as he builds something with his lego or even Oliver with his steadfast determination to complete something or another and let nothing get in the way 🙂

We have all grown through our grief over the years, growing ever stronger, maturer and significantly smarter from his wisdom.  I feel saddened that my own boys will never learn directly but happy that they will gain some insight and knowledge from their own father (hopefully), their uncle and auntie as well as Grannie Rust of course 🙂

Thanks to everyone for their kind words today, as well as their support over the years.


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