To RV or NOT….

We have most of the house packed up and ready to ship and have had three quotes for the shipping of the gear. The last quote is from a local San Jose company who actually came out to check all the gear out and hence to get a more accurate quotation.

We have now got three of our bikes boxed up and the Santa Cruz bikes are at Summit cycles being boxed as I type. Hopefully, the gear will all be on a ship either having departed for the UK or about to depart.

So given the above, we decided to go and check out an RV to ensure that we would know what we were getting ourselves into etc. We called a company called Cruise America (US wide company with a few depots in our area) and they advised us to pop around to the San Jose depot at around 11:30 this morning. When we got there they nly had one RV to see and it was one of the larger ones (30ft) but this was good since it was the one that we were most interested in.

When we opened the door, there was a rather putrid smell that wafted out, but we foolishly went in nonetheless. There was a load of trash just dumped in the sink and on the floor in the main area of the RV – it had clearly been there for a week or two and hence was decomposing badly. This and the fact that we have experienced a couple of weeks of high temperatures meant decomposition clearly was occurring MUCH quicker.

Then Amy opened the fridge door (why, we still do not know) to show us all the stuff that was decomposing in there also. The smell that attacked our nostrils was almost enough to instantly induce vomit 🙁

On our way out we noted that the thing was just in a general crap state and so we spent the next couple of hours in the belief that the RV adventure may not be such a good idea…

Having performed further research this afternoon, we decided that we should go and look at another RV from a different company so we will head out on Thursday afternoon / evening to do just that. It feels like it would be a mistake to not take he RV adventure as our time here in California comes to a close.

More on Thursday…..

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