The clarity is finally setting in

Ok so after a pretty emotional week for Elliot and I we decided to have a nice fun relaxing day on the beach for Fathers Day.  We meet some friends that are here on a secondment from the UK, Elliot has quickly become close to their Eldest son Ben and I get on really well with his mum Clare.  Who it just so happens is an OT in the UK.  It’s strange how in life people just seem to come along right when you need them.  I am trying really hard not to overact to the fact a Dr wanted to medicate Elliot and it has been really great to use Clare as sounding board to see what she thinks.

Ok so after much deliberating here is what I am thinking.  Elliot doesn’t need Zoloft as he is managing to function daily with out too many issues. We will continue with the social summer programmes which are intensive group therapy in a social situation focusing on SLT & OT 3 times a week then his individual therapy once a week.  Then after 4 weeks we will reduce group therapy to once a week then his individual therapy to twice a week.  We decided not to increase individual therapy right away for 2 reasons.  We thought it would be too much having 5 lots of therapy a week emotionally for Elliot and financially for us.  Especially as the insurance company aren’t looking like they will help out if they can avoid it.  Watch this space……

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