Daddy’s back

Simon has been away for 8 days in the UK (Pete’s wedding in Ireland and then a week in England) but managed to get back to surprise the boys by meeting them as School finished.  Olly was allowed to go to school as well today given it is the last day of the school year !!

Olly actually was not too happy to see daddy but Elly was happy – and had about 20 stories that he needed to tell daddy as soon as they were in the school playground 🙂

Daddy has been in Ossett with Uncle Tim and has been ever so slightly over doing the eating and more importantly the drinking – as always, the dieting starts now :-).  Tim had kindly bought a bed for the house so Simon was able to sleep in the house as opposed to staying at Greg and Sue’s – it felt strange being a guest in our own house 🙂 Tim and the boys do appear pretty well settled in though, which is nice.

The Ossett house is in good shape although the garden needs TLC – the year with the tenants in has not helped the grass and weed growth as well as the state of the conifers that surround the rear garden – looks like three have perished with one having been cu out (just the roots to go) by Simon on the Sunday while he was back there.

We also found that the window cleaner Neil had stopped cleaning the windows of Fork Hall because our tenants allowed him to keep cleaning the place (after he asked them if they wished for him to do so) and then they refused to pay for it – including giving him a cheque that bounced !!! Anyway, all good now as Neil cleaned them again for us on Thursday and will come back and give the Conservatory plastics a good clean in the coming weeks – better still he now accepts PayPal, so we can pay for the services with relative ease from here 🙂

We bought some feed and weed and some weed killer so that Tim can continue with the fixing up of the place.  Tim has already scrubbed the decking down and put some deck oil on it, and it looks like new again 🙂

We have somehow lost one of the vertical rails from the deck, so will have to source one of those in the coming months, as well as tidy all that up so that it is less rickety.

We need a new bath panel (we bought one on Thursday but when we got it home, it was in two pieces – the original was once piece and hence the two piece one would not fit – given it was over 60UKP, it HAD to be right !!!!

Poor Tim is going to be busy with all these little bits and pieces – just hope he doesn’t get too annoyed at them all.

The weather is simply beautiful over here at the moment – was 78F when Simon got back so it was straight into shorts and t-shirt before walking over to school to meet the family.  The weekend is looking good already – Sunday looks to be spent in the park with duck racing and picnic etc 🙂

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