Daddy is back :-)

Ok so we didn’t have a great start to the week but Elliot soon got over it and seems to be accepting the idea that school finishes on Friday with a beach party that Oliver can attend.  Before that we make our weekly trip to PTS for our OT and SLT sessions.  Elliot is quickly getting used to going into his OT session with Joyce on his own whilst I wait for him.  I can here him squealing and laughing so I guess he is enjoying himself.  We head into the session for the last 5 minutes for a quick update.  Joyce is really pleased with the progress he is making and is really working hard with him to try and get him to open up a little more.  Armed with the picture he has drawn with Joyce we head to our SLT session.  Again we have another good session with Christie and he is really improving with his conversational skills.  He is still struggling with some words and everything seems to get blended together when he has been talking for a while and the sentences are longer.  Christie does an exercise with him to try and get him to slow down so that he can get his words out more clearly.  It seems to be working so our home work this week will need to be working on this.

Elliot is pretty happy today as he knows that daddy will be home soon.  We head to the beach party and he doesn’t really join in so much with the other children but is more that happy to have Olly there so that he can squirt water at him :o).  The beach party finishes and we say our goodbyes and hope that we will catch up with some of Elliots school friends over the summer.  Infact we have a major break through and he asks if he can have some friends come to play at the house.  Lets hope we can sort out some play dates.

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