San Francisco bound day

Tim has invested a lot of time in researching Specialized, YETI, Santa Cruz and Trek mountain bikes over the weekend and on Monday ordered the Yeti 575 bike.  It is being courier shipped from Colorado from Monday afternoon / Tuesday morning, and the local shop – Trail Head Cyclery are building it up for him.  Excited does not cover the Tim’s mood right now… 🙂

So, today we all head out to San Francisco at 8am, with Tim running over the Golden Gate Bridge first thing, then running up and around (down) Lombard street – the world’s crookedest road.  Then, Mum, Nard and Tim all head out on the boat from pier 33 to Alcatraz.

While they visited the rock, we went into San Francisco  and Vicky bought her first pair of Christian Louboutin shoes – they are very nice and hopefully pave the way for Simon to buy a Santa Cruz mountain bike 😉

We are finishing the day with Krispy Kreme doughnuts and a few sausages on the grill and beer 🙂

Not sure what we are doing tomorrow yet, except Mum is going to school to help with Vicky in the afternoon.  Friday is the big 2nd birthday, so we are heading to the beach…..

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