Back from England and ready to get cracking

We had a great trip to England and Elliot seems to have coped pretty well with a change in environment and has only had a few “episodes” We are back from the UK and ready to get back to a routine and get on with our plan for Elliot.  We haven’t heard back from PTS yet so I guess I will need to chase this up.  This really seems the American way, Californians are so laid back.  At times it can be a little frustrating especially when you just want results and answers.

After a break of 3 weeks we head back to TSSV with Elliot.  I am curious to find out how he will react as he hasn’t been for some time.  I spend time to explain to him that we are going to play with our friends Hayden, Derek and Sameer.  He was quite happy to do this especially as we were taking Grandma with us.  As we had been away for 3 weeks Miss Debbie asked us to bring some photographs of our time in England.  We didn’t get chance to print anything off so decided to take the ipad with us.  Elliot really enjoyed showing his friend the photos and continued to have a great session with his friends. He had a little upset at the end of the session when the play didn’t turn out they way he expected.  He soon got over this with some encouragement from Miss Debbie to use his flexible brain see session notes below.

Elliot: Session 5

  • Cheers: so happy to show pictures of his trip – he explained who everyone was and what people were doing He used a big voice and full sentences to explain what was happening.
  • Very engaged with his friends today – popped up out of the box; big smiles! Jumped for the popcorn song; made his box into a racecar – drew wheels and a steering wheel. Referenced his friends (used eye gaze for purpose)
  • Challenge: maintaining group peer play, speaking to peers. Was upset at the end of the session when the boys hid in boxes to surprise their parents. Someone else had hidden in “his” box and he did not want to hide in a different box – but I encouraged him to hide behind it with me. He did cry a little when all the children were popping up so their parents could find them. I think he was upset because he was in a different box, but I commented that I was so proud of him for using his flexible brain and trying a different box. He got over the sadness very quickly.


Finally I get hold of PTS and discuss what we do next.  They suggest getting a further diagnosis to satisfy the insurance company so that we can hopefully get some money towards the treatment for Elliot.  The insurance company is not helping and we are told to reference a clinical policy bulletin board that doesn’t appear to cover much.  When I speak to insurance company again they are asking for a CPT code for his condition that requires the therapy.  As we haven’t officially had a diagnosis from a mental health professional it looks like this will be the next step.

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