Elly’s first entrance examination

Yesterday was a BIG day for Elliot – he had to go to school (yes, that’s right, on a SATURDAY) to go through a sort of entrance examination to see if he is ready to progress to Junior Kindergarten at the school he presently goes to four afternoons a week.

Pretty stressful time for mummy and daddy – we certainly weren’t expecting Elliot to be going through exams at four years old !!!

He came out at 3pm quite happy and chirpy and so we think he did OK – he certainly knows all of the things that they need him to know – Vicky has spent a lot of time educating him over the last few months, since the school actually (believe it or not) does not give them the skills that they need to pass this exam…. 🙁

We will find out next Friday as to what the score is.  We already found that Olly is 2 months too young to join the infant class two mornings a week so that is a big of a bind – he is DESPERATE to go to school – he wants to stay every time we take Elly in.

Simon took the plunge yesterday and ordered the IWC watch he has had his eye on for a little while.  Couple of issues;

  1. They did not have one in stock and could not tell how long it would take to deliver so we have agreed that if not delivered to the store within a month, they will give a full refund
  2. The banks in the US do not allow switch transactions over $5k so we had to wait on hold with the bank while they agreed to allow the funds to be released on the transaction – took 45 mins….. PAINFUL

We wait patiently for both situations to unfold.  We may need to lookfor new schools for both boys in August 🙂

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