Spring is in the air

We went out cycling tonight – the first time in a few weeks – it was nice to get back out there but really hard – amazing how quickly your body gets used to being lazy 🙁

We are back to 19 degrees Celcius during the daytime at present – which is nice – and the rain seems to be holding off now.

We got the news yesterday that Olly has been declined a lace at the school that Elly has been going to this year – he is 2 months two young basically – this is clearly painful and we had hoped to get them both into school as the classes were roughly the same times (Olly only 2 mornings, Elly 4)

Elly is going in for his test on Saturday afternoon to see if he will be accepted for Pre Kindergarten.  Fingers crossed.

Simon went to the watch shop on Sunday afternoon to see if he was going to buy the IWC watch he has had his eye on.  The store just did not come up with the goods on working a deal out so he left empty handed – felt totally let down with the whole experience typically.

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