Dining furniture has arrived – yay!

Another week dispatched 🙂 Time is flying by. Olly has seen the paediatrician today and has had FIVE injections to catch up with what is required here in Silicon Valley – apparently there are more nasty bug here than any other state in the US – something to do with all the aliens from the various countries 🙁

We have still not yet found a suitable settee yet for the lounge area. we have only just realized that the waiting time is the very same 12 weeks that it would be in the UK. So we are going to start looking around the consignment centers to see if we can bag a bargain that can be delivered in days rather than weeks.

Hopefully the bikes and trailer will be available v soon so we can get out and enjoy this wonderful sunshine that we are experiencing at the moment.

We also ordered a really cool looking car seat for Olly that we can use on the planes – it converts into a pushchair at the flick of a switch 🙂

The idea is that when we travel, we could reduce the amount of stuff we need to carry.

We are planning a two week trip to Florida in June where Vicky and the boys will enjoy the terrific Floridian heat while daddy works in New Orleans, Chicago and new York.

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