So, what’s the deal with Fork Hall?

The question was posed to us yesterday by our next door neighbours who saw the house name plaque.  Our explanation was met with two blank faces, meaning they just didn’t get it.  Not sure if it was poorly explained or if it simply does not translate over here.  Simon will check it out with a couple of his colleagues to see if it is a translation issue..

We stayed in most of the day, but nipped out furniture shopping at 3pm – we spent 2 hours in ONE store – it was HUGE – 80,000 square feet and probably nearing 80 to 100 suites….

We are still none-the-wiser 🙁 Well, other than most items will take 12 weeks to arrive…. 🙁 We really could do with it next week, not in 12….

Sill not heard from the shipping company 🙁 – other than the container that our gear is in is being strip searched – could take 1 week, it could take 20 weeks – they are not really telling us much right now.  We are hoping (and possibly a little optimistic) that it will be delivered to us next weekend.  Fingers crossed all you readers out there ….. 🙂

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