Mario Kart Wii

Last night, Elliot learned to play WALL-E on the Wii (thanks Auntie Jenny for loaning it to us) but also Mario Kart on the Wii.  He wouldn’t sleep because of his NEED to play on the damned Wii – mistake letting him play on it just before bed time daddy? hmmmm let’s think…. The poor little guy did have a little accident while racing though – couldn’t pull himself away from beating Wario.

We went shopping this morning and ended up buying a new Wii Wheel (steering wheel for Mario Kart) – it seems that we have already (at 2 days before his 3rd birthday) got to the stage of racing against each other in computer games 🙂

We played Wii again this afternoon, but no accidents this time 🙂

Elliot even managed to stop play to take on a #2, before continuing again… 🙂

We picked up Oliver’s new car seat yesterday (we have bought him on just like Elliot’s.  At the rate that he is growing he may well be using the damned thing really soon.

Elliot and mummy baked Elly’s birthday cake today – well, Elly got bored pretty soon, so mummy made the cake solo 🙁

Mummy and Daddy are sat, watching “Marley and Me” – very funny film so far – Pepsi and Max – so pleased they are a little older – they were definitely a lot like young Marley….

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