Been, seen and almost got the t-shirt

We had a great weekend – drove to Newcastle (we had to stop 4 times for Elliot to wee – pretty sure he was just testing out his new found ability to make the car stop whenever he wanted, by just statng the need for a wee wee :-)), played for a couple of hours in the giants den playcentre which was ace.  We then spent two hours in the Metro centre shopping centre.

We stayed in the Marriot right next to the Metro Centre, which  was really nice.  Had a pretty disastrous meal at TGI Friday’s – we walked down (2/3 mile so not a major drama), got most of the way through the main course, Oliver started to let us know of his state of displeasure, and then Elliot stated a need to visit the facilities for a number 2.  Unfortunately it arrived a little sooner than perhaps he thought and Vicky had wished for 🙁  Then, because of the lateness, Elliot was cranky as he was tired so he sat in Olly’s pushchair, and Simon carried Olly back the Hotel.  By the time we got back to the hotel, Simon had lost the feeling in his arm from carrying Olly – pussy !

We got all the way up to Edinburgh with needing just ONE wee wee stop and then made our way to the show.  It was not the TV presenters but was very well put together – Elliot was frightened of the dark in the theatre though unfortunately.  He got over it in the end, but we did have a few moments where he wanted to go home (as if it were just around the corner 🙂

Oliver LOVED the show – the darkness around hi with the contrasted bright lights and strange looking people in massive teddy bear type outfits had his attention pretty much the entire time.

We stayed in the APEX International hotel which was OK – wouldn’t recommend staying there but was OK – certainly no match for the cheaper hotel from the previous night.

We set off for home on Monday morning at 9:30am and the plan was to stop at the same play centre in Newcastle on the way home – BUT both boys were asleep, so we took the opportunity to keep heading south.

 McDonalds on the way home and we ended up at home just around 3pm 🙂

Today, Elliot has found the Nintendo Wii and has had a GREAT time playing WALL-E and Mario Kart. We suspect that we will be playing more games tomorrow 🙂

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