Cayton Joshua’s Christening

Vicky, Simon, Elliot and Oliver were overjoyed to be attending Cayton Joshua’s baptism in Flamborough today.  Not only that, we (Vicky and Simon) were really honoured to have been asked to step up as god-parents to the little guy.  The weather was fabulous, the church (St Oswalds in Flamborough) was a fabulous place with a really strong family feel to it.

It is amazing to think that Cayton is already 8 months old – , that said, he is really growing fast 🙂 crawling for the first time only on Saturday – watch out guys, we  he will be checking out all aspects of the house VERY soon…

How times change – we recall (Vicky and Simon) visiting Paula and Richard just 7 months ago where Cayton was just beginning to test out his parents 🙂 and we were trying to help advise from our experiences with Elliot.  It has been really great over the last month or so, where the roles have been reversed and we have been the receivers of the helpful advice where Oliver is concerned..

Elliot has been a model child today, behaving himself impeccably – something that we were REALLY worried about before the event…. He then had a great time at the reception afterwards and really burned some energy running around afterwards.

Oliver unloaded most of a bottle of milk on daddy just before we set off for home – that will teach daddy right for trying to force feed the boy 🙂  Pillock!

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