Back in Ossett from holiday in the Lakes

What a week – we thought we were going to potty train the eldest – that did not go quite as well as we would have liked.  Elliot was the beast from an unknown place last week – he was almost unbearable at times.  Mummy was actually ready to come home on TUESDAY – just 4 days in 🙁

We ended up canning the potty training in the end 🙁 (Daddy is convinced Elliot was waiting until he got clean underpants on, and THEN he was weeing in them !!!)

We will revisit in a couple of weeks was we are all less traumatised by the whole experience 🙂

Oliver has gone from strength to strength during the week, in that he is sleeping for an average of 6 hours, then feed, then sleep for a further four at night time :-).  He is now taking 6 oz milk at a sitting although the winding is still something he is not hugely keen on.

During the week, we did the following (amongst other things but these were the main events):

  •  Visit Ducky’s Park Farm in South Lakes ( – was very cool although Elliot was more interested in playing that seeing and feeing animals 🙁

  •  Shopping in Kendal, Bowness, Windermere and Ambleside

  •  Playing on the beach at Morecambe – the town is really deserted and in a crap state – the beach was good though and Elly loved it

  •  Feed the ducks at White Cross Bay a few times 🙂

  •  Bought the BEST Gingerbread ever tasted from Sarah Nelson’s shop – Grasmere Gingerbread – simply awesome gingerbread – if you are passing by – stop and buy some – you will not regret it 🙂

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