First FULL day home

The first full day home has been good – Oliver is already demanding more scoobies AND on a more frequent basis.  He has not been sick either.

He got 5 hours sleep between 11pm and 4am which was quite nice.

It is VERY warm here in Ossett today – it was 25 degrees Celsius when Simon came home from work at 7pm.   This is with NO sun out, a cloudy sky and raining…  Muggy is definitely the right single word 🙁  Look at that – typical British – complaining when it is warm, complains when it is old and damned well complains when it rains.

Next week we have a vacation week so hopefully we are heading to the Lakes for a short break for a week or so.  Looking forward to it simply does not cut quite how much we are….. last week or two have been pretty fraught

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