We are home :-)

Following a reasonable night with just one sicky incidence (the nurse claimed responsibility as she woke him up and force fed him – he didn’t want either!) that was discounted fortunately.

So, Oliver was discharged at around 10:30 and we were on our way home.

He has so far had one 70ml feed and winded no problem – he would not wind for us at all in the hospital.  Homely surroundings seem to have rectified that.

Above is a picture of Oliver’s tummy 4 hours after the operation – as you can see there are just three entry points (each one circled) – the main one being his tummy button where the camera went in – this will not be obvious once it has healed at all apparently.  The other two were were the tools were inserted to do the deed.  The consultant told us that it was a very big stenosis – not that we didn’t know that I guess 🙂

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