One month old already !!!

….and butter wouldn’t melt right?

We have unfortunately fallen out of a decent sleep pattern since the weekend it seems.  Vicky has had three really crappy nights this week (might even be four 🙁 ) where he is less that happy with himself.

We are thinking that the SMA Gold is not entirely right for Oliver and it is only now that he is 95% formula, 5% booby scoobies that it is coming to light.  It really does appear to give the little guy stomach cramps (probably the reason for the night sleep issues).  Vicky is researching alternatives to see if we can take away the cramps for Oliver.

Elliot is settling in as big brother really very well, although he has decided that he doesn’t want to go to Nursery anymore – think he is feeling a little pushed out on those two mornings a week.

He has begun to learn how to use a netbook to watch Cars videos from the Disney website 🙂  Not quite trained himself how to find them in the first place, but he certainly really enjoys watching the little 4 minute videos when he gets the chance.

Finally, the ISOFIX base for Oliver’s car seat has arrived in the UK – Vicky has ordered and we expect it to be here and installed in the car by mid week next week.

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