He smiles :-)

And, no, it is not wind 🙂  There is no question about it, Oliver is now smiling.  Both Vicky and Simon have seen it this morning.  Vicky continues to claim that he WAS smiling last weekend…. OK….

Oliver was also rather sick on daddy this morning too 🙁 Was totally Simon’s fault – he had only been fed 20 minutes previously, and Simon thought that it would be a good idea to go on the swing.  It was a good idea – he liked it, but when Simon took him out, he promptly unloaded half of his last bottle of milk. It is only two ounces or so, but by, can it get everywhere – smelled rather nice as well 🙁

We walked down to grandmas in the new (from Francesco, Sophie, Fabrizio and Rhiannon – they didn’t use it and kindly let us borrow it) Jane buggy – a Prop Powertwin – so Oliver sits in the Matrix Pro seat at the back and Elliot up front “steering”.  Elliot got straight in the pool with daddy and mummy and Oliver joined them 10 minutes or so later.  It took Oliver 4 or 5 minutes to get used to the water, but then he was OK with it.  We just decided to introduce him to the water as soon as we thought was smart – now he will join Elliot in swimming on Sundays.

Simon has performed the night shift over the weekend, and is surprisingly awake given a couple of feeds during each night.  He apologises to Vicky for not stopping the crying a little earlier when changing the nappy this morning at 3am 🙁

We are going to head out for tea tonight as a little treat 🙂

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