Oliver is losing weight :-(

He has lost a further 60g today (or rather since Friday) which is not great news 🙁

So he now weighs 7lbs 9oz – he was 8lbs 6oz at birth, so he is closing in on the 10% that he is “allowed” to lose.

Vicky has been unable to express any reasonable quantity of milk, and Oliver is more than happy to chew on the nipples all day given the chance – guess just like any bloke right?

The midwife has suggested letting him have the first 10 minutes or so, and if he is demonstrating that he is just “doing what boys do”, then take him off, wake him up properly and start again.  He is definitely better at getting the milk out than the manual method but not good enough it seems.  We have given in and let him have 1 1/2 oz of SMA Gold today – he took it down in under 10 minutes and then took on a 2 hour sleep – Vicky had to wake him again in order to try him again with booby scooby.

Midwife is coming back on Wednesday to assess if we have lost more weight and hence to determine what to do – think we may well have already decided to go with formula milk in honesty.

 We have also booked him in to see the doctor tomorrow since his cord has now come off, but has left behind a single worm like piece of skin that while is OK, it may be some thing that can be quickly and easily removed.  Will see tomorrow 🙂

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