We are ALL home :-)

Oliver’s results came back at 3:30pm yesterday and they were ALL CLEAR so he was allowed to come home, and both he and Vicky were discharged immediately.

So, we were home by 7pm and ready to go.

Oliver’s first night at home was not bad – fed at 10pm, then again at 1am, and then tried to feed him @ 5am, but he was 100% uninterested – he just wanted to sleep :-).  Finally fed at 6:30 am and then he slept in Simon’s arms while Simon played Mickey Mouse Club House Brio train with Elliot (Oliver kindly bought it as a present for Elliot when he arrived – Elliot loves it!!)

It rained very heavily for about 2 hours last night and unfortunately demonstrated that the odd puddle of water we have found in the conservatory is NOT Elliot as we had considered, but the conservatory leaks.  It was actually a constant stream running in last night.  We will have to call the people who fitted it and ask them to come and take a look. 🙁 Not the best timing in the world, it has to be said.

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