Oliver – the ‘A’ grade student

As Vicky and Oliver need to stay in for 3 days after birth (because Oliver was outside of his amniotic fluid for 49 hours before birth) to receive his antibiotics to ensure that he did not contract any infection, the hospital visiting has begun.

Elliot went to school today in the morning (armed with two photographs to show his friends – one of Oliver and one of himself with Oliver and their mummy), and Simon went in to see Vicky and Oliver.  Then, when Elliot had finished school at 1pm, Simon collected him, they went to buy some sandwiches, and went in to see Mummy and little brother.  Elliot was really pleased to see his mummy and was actually pleased to see Oliver (he had been a little colder towards Oliver on first meeting yesterday) today.  He really didn’t want to leave when Auntie Clare turned up at 2:30pm.

Elliot then went to play at Grandmas for the rest of the afternoon.

Oliver has passed his hearing test and his body wellness test so is already an A student with 100% pass rate 🙂 Let’s see how long the little guy can keep up that sort of average.

Vicky got reasonable sleep over night, but Oliver did keep her from having prolonged periods until 5am, where he slept for 5 hours solid.  So, of course what did Vicky do? Woke him up at 10am as she thought it was a good idea to feed him 🙂

Oliver is feeding really well from Vicky, although he is already leaving her with intensely sore nipples 🙁 Ouch ! He is also crapping out the meconium like it is going out of fashion and is weeing now.  Infact, this afternoon we changed his nappy and began to worry that he has been wearing it for over 5 hours and there was nothing inside it.  As we worried a little more, his “little tower” raised and he emptied the contents of a small glass onto the bed and Vicky 🙂  The bed sheets had ONLY just been replaced since Eliot had covered it in cake bits and crisps – so Simon went in search of a clean bed sheet (still laughing about the incident) to replace it without altering the mid-wives to our mistake of allowing an uncontrolled “little tower” in the open.

We are hoping to come home late tomorrow but it is more likely that we will be welcoming Oliver at home on Saturday instead.

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